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Dianne Laurance and Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin.......... @drbuzzaldrin

One of the nicest and most iconic people I have ever met.

Last standing member of the moon team.

Meeting up with Buzz in LA he couldn't wait to show me his latest number plates on his car.........Mars Guy!! He is so passionate/obsessed with conquering Mars. He believes it must be mankind's next frontier to be colonised.

I have always sat on the fence about whether the moon landing happened or was fabricated until I met Buzz a few years ago. He was asked in my presence by an arrogant/ignorant moron did it actually happen. His indignation, his anger and his out right rage at the question made me a 100% believer. No one could fake what I saw in this man.

So many wonderful and incredible people cross my path. I never miss an opportunity to speak and find out more about them.

Feeling my new life is all about meeting, learning and growing. I am free and don't have a "HAND BRAKE" watch out.......LOL


Dianne 💛💛

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