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Dianne Laurance & Julie Bishop

I love being in the presence of women who make a difference in this world. Women who jump the hurdles and dive through the hoops to get things done. They brook no opposition and stay totally focused until the job is done. I surround myself with these fabulous women from all around the world. They inspire me to be bigger, better, bolder and braver and to get out there and do so much more.

These are 2 such women I caught up with this week. I feel so privileged to call them my friends. The Hon Julie Bishop our Foreign Affairs minister and Melissa Price, Federal member for Durack.

Dianne Laurance & Melissa Price

These women are doers. LOVE THEM.

So important in life to surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you feel good. It's just as important for you to inspire others and make them feel fabulous about themselves.


Warmest Dianne 💛💛

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