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Dianne Laurance Glamour

When life does the big dump on you come back fighting with both guns blazing.

It's all about looking, feeling and being FABULOUS.

Shortly after my life change I decided never having done the full-on glamour shot before that it was about time. Stef King was the very talented photographer. Yep, even had my hair and makeup done. As I said both guns blazing. Love these 2 photos. I see a women behind those heavily made up eyes who is so dammmmmm determined. So determined to only let her life dump impact her and who she is in a positive way.

Afterwards I felt so incredibly proud of myself and my ability to march forward in life and conquer my fears, phobias and any other anxieties that may pop up or get in the way to feelings of total FABULOUSNESS!!!!

GO ON.........DO IT.........ITS SO EMPOWERING.

Warmest Dianne 💛💛

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